I bet you all forgot about the kitchen remodel I undertook last summer, got mostly finished, but then school started and the project stalled. Or, you never gave a shit anyways. Or, it’s been so long since I updated my progress that you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about.

Iff notes recap: last summer I tore out our shitty way past expiration date kitchen, slightly remodeled the room, fixed an abortion of wiring that made me wonder how the fuck the house didn’t burn down, installed cabinets that I designed and built from scratch, installed granite countertops (the only part I hired out for), installed a new floor, installed new appliances (except the fridge, which was much newer and in good shape) and then .... Completely stopped.

I entered this summer with the goal of finishing the kitchen. My wife has forbid me from doing any of the deal coating of the cabinets, because she knows I hate doing that and will rush it/half-ass it. She is not wrong, but she also hasn’t gotten much of that done. Instead this summer I have spent a bunch of time doing fun things with the family, built a deck for my friends, helped my dad do some work on his house, cleaned out my garage, and sold a bunch of stuff that wasn’t getting used to replenish my fun money funds. Frankly, it’s been a very good summer.


The lack of kitchen progress has been eating at me though, so I side-stepped the lack of wood finishing progress, and took on the backsplash. This was necessary to cover up some holes left in the plaster from fixing the wiring. Plus it was going to make it look a lot less like a construction zone.

We picked this rough uneven split granite, because while the cabinets are straight and level and square (the countertop measuring guy complimented me), the walls are completely out to lunch. We needed something that could follow the wall and “move” with it. I’m quite happy with the results!


Today I’m replacing those temp outlets with proper GFCIs. School starts in a week and a half, and I want to get the last bit of trim work done before then. Cabinet doors will have to wait until winter break.

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