Finally got this thing out to the Autocross on sunday. Ran at Marina airport near Monterey,CA, which is quite large and a pretty fast course.

The car is really good in some respects, but overall will need some upgrades to really unlock its potential. The major thing it needs is better tires. I was pretty much fighting oversteer the whole day, the back end breaks loose with even a bit of throttle. I really have to re-learn my whole driving style, with the most important lesson being throttle smoothness and application.I have autox’d/road raced fast awd cars, lower hp rwd and a few fwd cars over the years, but the mustang feels pretty different, especially in fast transitions. I actually spun once because i was a little to aggressive on the throttle and couldn’t recover quickly enough (but hey, as the saying goes, If ya aint spinnin you ain’t winnin! ).

I was only running about 1 second behind the fastest cars in my class, which all had RE71R’s or Direzza Star Specs. I think the car has lots left in it, the two things that are really good out of the box are the phenomenal power & torque, and the brakes(the brembos have amazing bite and power, especially impressive for stock pads). I cant wait to run it with some new tires, and improve my skill level with the car.

A pretty sloppy run, but oddly still my fastest of the day:

Got some nice numbers for the car( sponsored by Slurpeez lol )

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