Finally got to run the car, I’ve still got a lot more learning to do with it and felt I left with a few seconds to gain. Fastest of the day for me was a 60.3, FTD on course was a Z06 w/ 56.1. It tracks through the corners better and it feels great to have 80 more whp and tq available, even if this was a tight miata-ish course in some of it so the whole run was in 1st gear.

I feel the 275s are a good start for me this season as it will help me at least learn more about the car and get some seat time. The BFG Rivals were very predictable but I’m not sure I even found their limits. The icy stuff was from all the gravel kicked up as the event wore on.

• I need a harness, I found myself fighting to stay in position a lot.

• Proper coilovers will have to be something to look into once I move up to a wider tire.


• I need more seat time.