After much deliberating and ignoring prudent advice from wiser Oppos, I bought a car.

My final list included a GTI (at one point the salesman had it sitting outside with the keys in it), an FJ cruiser because reasons, and an IS350.

I did the adult thing and got the

Lexus. I love it! 300 hp is more power than traffic ever lets me use anyway, and my old butt loves the comfy seats. I also sleep well at night not worrying about reliability or massive depreciation.



300 hp is adequate

AWD is not FWD

Toyota reliability

Decent handling while still being a comfy commuter


300 hp is just.... adequate

More expensive to tune that most turbo engines

I am often mistaken for a realtor

An Uber driver in a Corolla S said “we have the same car” and.... he’s not far wrong. My seats smell better though.


It isn’t a wagon. Being an adult is hard sometimes.