Every time she looks for a new car, I suggest stuff, usually to the reply "I like it, but it's not for me. I'm not a sporty spice." However- lets look at her automotive history:

-'70 Nova (okay, so that was like the malibu of its day, but still, it would have been kinda cool for a hs junior in the early 80s)

-Chevette (lulz)

-'nother Chevette (more lulz)

-Dodge Dart GTS (woah, woah, woah……wait a minute there, that thing got a 340? Not bad)

-'86 Corolla SR-5 notchack (her first new car, yes it was an AE86)

-Contour (v-6 and 5 speed……eh, at least it was aspirational)


-'87 Toyota 1 ton pickup (5 speed, what she had for most of my childhood)

-Taurus SHO (v8, only had it a few months, bought used after she grew tired of the Pickup)


-Caddy CTS Sport Lux (like a V, without the big motor)

-Pontiac G6 (it was either this or a cobalt, and hers was the GT, although I hated the shit outta that car)

-CTS Coupe (RWD, too!)

What made me decide to call BS tonight? I caught her building an BRZ on the Subaru site.


Yeah mom, you don't like sporty cars, OK.