Finally changed transmission fluid

Dropped the transmission pan on my ‘11 Sierra to change the filter, gasket, and fluid in the pan. 101K miles, and not too much gunk on the magnet. Decent amount of towing done in that time-frame, but also lots of highway miles.

Of course GM couldn’t make it too easy of a job. They did move the shift linkage over a bit compared to the 4 speed version, but the exhaust is still about 1/4" too close to the pan to allow it to be removed. So you have to use a prybar to gently push the exhaust down a bit to slide the pan out with your free hand. Not fun whilst on your back. I need to get a lift...


Here’s a pic of the magical mystery box that is an automatic transmission. Note the exhaust crossover on the right side that caused all of my pain.

Next up are brakes, then I take it to my mechanic to replace a pair of weeping coolant lines, as well as replace the coolant and brake fluid.

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