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Finally decided to sell my E30 forreallzz

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Oppo, I’m officially selling my E30. It’s the right decision given how little usage the car currently gets having a newborn at home (which probably won’t change much as she grows up, given that it’s not a particularly safety-laden or baby-friendly car).


I’ve listed it on CL -


Have a couple of folks coming to look at it/have an inspection done who seem like enthusiasts who are genuinely interested in the car. Just wanted to share on here in case anyone in the Oppo family is local to the PNW and may have some interest. Not looking for any input or critiquing on my ad or pricing :P I will say I’m flexible within limits though, especially for a fellow Opponaut.

It’s a sad chapter but it’s been fun getting the car freshened up and ready for the next owner (almost to the level where I’m starting to want to back out, given how clean everything is looking). But I know it’s the right decision and am excited for the next chapter.

Very thankful that my wife has been super supportive and insists on me replacing it with a newer fun car ASAP that we could use as a family, although I had initially planned on just holding off for a while and saving the money.

My s2k is long gone, and soon the E30 will be too…so I guess I’ll have to change my handle to “blank”?

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