I have a Lenovo Yoga Tab 2 10 Android tablet that I got almost 3 years ago. I’ve always liked the stupid built-in kickstand form factor but have been using it less and less as its software has gotten increasingly janky. I kept meaning to reset it but finally did over the weekend. It’s back to working (mostly) smoothly again!

To a limited extent, I’ve been tempted buy some other tablet, but it hasn’t been a priority. A tablet is a luxury for me, and I don’t need to have the absolute latest greatest gadgets. I’m all good with my mid-2014 Macbook Pro 13 and Galaxy S7 Edge. But it’s nice when sitting around at home to have a tablet to do things I’d use my phone for, but on a bigger screen. I use the doofy kickstand to lie in bed and watch videos. I rest the kickstand on my chest and rest my hands on the kickstand. I also use it to watch videos when I’m cooking, since my kitchen doesn’t face the tv. I mean, I could also use my laptop for this, but the tablet with its kickstand deployed takes up less of my limited counter space.

So I finally did the factory reset and it’s back to being decent enough for its admittedly pointless purpose and all is well in the land of tablets in my household. I even have the bluetooth keyboard that magnetically hooks on to it for using it as a much less powerful laptop if I were inclined, but I use it rarely.

One less thing to have to spend money on. I have other things to worry about anyway.



(This last pic is the Windows version but it shows how the keyboard attaches to the fat part of the tablet.)