My 12 Focus hatch had a slight shudder in the brakes when I bought it a year and a half ago that’s gotten much worse in the last few months. It got bad when I went to Denver right before Christmas and drove a lot in the mountains - not a great time to have questionable faith in your brakes...

A county road in the Roosevelt National Forest not far from Rocky Mountain National Park

So with Spring right around the corner I ordered new Wagner rotors and pads last week and everything arrived in time for the weekend. Saturday was beautiful here around 60 degrees so I tore into it.

I believe in getting the most out of my components - but I ran these pads a little too long. Old on top, new on bottom there, the rotor was also groovy as hell (not in a good way).


About $125 in parts and an hour of my time (not counting a tool run) well worth it - should have done this 6 months ago.


All new and Shiny!

I did it just in time as Sunday it snowed 5 inches at my house - the dog was happy it snowed and I was thrilled I stopped procrastinating on Saturday and got it done!


Doggo for your time!