Water has been leaking into my cab ever since we bought this house, and I eventually identified that it was the result of my street shoulder having a slant. the my previous residence I parked in a flat gravel driveway and it didn’t leak a drop.

I’ve known of this slick bondo job before I owned the vehicle, but it was harmless. However with a slight incline towards my house from the street, when it rained water would pour across my hood and get stuck in the bond o crack valley (probably 3/32" of gap where the major crack butted). Picture heavy rain draining directly into a street sewer under the sidewalk curb.

The result is that it would pour down my clutch pedal on onto my floormatt. So in freezing weather, I had a sheet of ice on the inside of the windshield and outside (yay!). I would run a dehumidifier in it once a month and have a small absorbant towel on my rubber matt, but foggy ass windows every time ito rains or freezes while I’m driving is pretty annoying. I don’t know if you heard, but it rains a lot in the Pacific Northwest. So...


Tada! Silicone. Only in the major crested crack. The other ones, meh, they’re fine and still fairly tight gaps in spite of their unsightliness. If it leaks still, I’ll start filling the others. But the bit you see in middle was where the bits were far from flush, letting in gobs of liquid wetness.


And more improtantly, this was silicone I had opened for something else, so this “repair” [air quotes several times] cost me zero dollars.