And my phone starts blowing up! Booked out seven days. Very strange, especially given the rain that’s hardly let up for the past two weeks and is supposed to continue most of the month. Hmmm. Gratuitous Ranger appreciation within

Cold, wet and miserable day. Eight hours of nothing but Christmas light removal, which would be fine if it wasn’t for the rain. I completely wetted out two waterproof coats, one of which had freshly applied nikwax. Eventually had to switch to a thin fleece outer layer found in the truck to at least retain some small measure of insulation after soaking through. Down vest is my go to mid layer but I may as well be wearing a paper bag for all the good it will do me once the rain gets to it, so.... That was stored in the truck. Have I mentioned I would take sub-zero temps over constant rain any day of the? Gahhhhh. This is a good reminder that it’s probably time to upgrade the jackets. Outerwear technology has made some huge leaps and bounds in the seven years or so since I purchased my last rain coat.

As always, the dependable truck is keeping me safe. Fully extended 40' ladder set up at a don’t-look-down-angle so I’m not taking any chances.


Two main ways to hang lights. Staples and clips. Here are my thoughts on staples right now:


Here’s the deal. Staple guns make setting up lights a breeze, especially if you’re doing some fancy patterns to show your neighborino that you’re the king of the cul-de-sac. But.... But but but. They can potentially be a nightmare to remove depending on the power of the stapler, the size of the staple, and the thickness of the light strands.

First job? Everything was stapled up weeks ago, and came down effortless. As in, pull the strands while standing on the ground and each staple is easily pulled out as well, for a super quick job with minimal cleanup.

The next three light takedown jobs.... Ohhhh what a bumblefuck. Apparently someone switched me over to a pneumatic stapler without my knowledge... Because these metal fuckers did not want to leave. Pulling the light strand would have just resulted in tearing it in two. Needle nose pliers wouldn’t do it. Had to use ratcheting clamp style pliers on each individual staple while. Imagine that, for three hours straight, on a ladder in the rain.


The last job had clips. LOOK HOW EASY THEY COME OFF! That’s the house in the header image, which is an incredibly common style around here. Probably 10% of the houses I go to use the same design elements seem up top. Anyways... after cramming my soaking wet self into a bucket seat, strapping in and attempting to combat the obscene interior moisture levels while driving home (unwinnable battle) I prepped, cooked and ate two pounds of sweet potato fries.