Picking it up from my parents house tomorrow and should have the cat installed just before Christmas.

This also means the XJ is for sale. So fucking happy to have Veronica back.

To those who havent been following my troubles:

In June of this year I moved out of my parents house and on my own with my girlfriend, a week after that my truck started stalling out. It eventually wouldnt run for more than 10 seconds and was getting 13mpg. I parked it for 2 months (going off the misguided advice of my friends (they thought the piston rings went)). In the meantime I drove my parents 2000 Odyssey around. It being an early 2000s Honda Vehicle with a Jseries V6 and a 4 speed auto; The trans shit the bed. I bought a rare 95 manual 4.0 XJ which needed an axle replacement, which I had performed.

So this is the end of the worst 6 mos of my life (which shouldve been the best). after moving out on my own, and having 3 malfunctioning vehicles I am selling one of them and bringing back the original.

Long story short; Its been a long 6 months for me and Im excited to put this all behind em and get my pride and joy back on the road.


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