Finally got a pic of my parents' double Volvo XC60s in the same place at the same time

Back in July, my mom bought a Volvo XC60 that’s identical (except for color) to my dad’s Volvo XC60 that he bought back in February. You’d think since they live 3 miles away from me*, I’d have gotten a pic of both XC60s together sooner. But last night was my first opportunity.

The reason my parents’ XC60s have existed as a TimeCop time travel paradox whereby neither of them can exist in the same place at the same time for purposes of me taking a picture of them together is my parents are fauwncy and have not one but two houses, and with all their comings and goings back and forth between those two houses, I only end up seeing them together maybe once a month. Which is totally fine!


Even when I do see both of them together, often they’ll meet my wife and I somewhere, or just come pick us up since our house is right off the main drag in this corner of the burbs so usually it’s easy for my folks to pick us up on the way to whatever we’re doing. Last night we went to a movie and dinner with my folks, and they did just that.

BUT, at dinner last night, I mentioned that I had run a bunch of errands on Saturday, and couldn’t for the life of me find some goddamned sweetened condensed coconut milk that my wife needed for a batch of some kind of cookie bars she wanted to make. My mom said she had been to the very same hippie-friendly market that was one of my several stops on Saturday, and bought 6 cans of the stuff, “just in case.”

I was a little irritated that she managed to find it at a store I had friggin gone to the same day, but in my defense, the one employee at the customer service/free coffee counter in the back of the store was very busy helping some other people find random shit, that I only got a chance to partake in the free coffee, and not the customer service, before giving up my search for sweetened condensed coconut milk.

But, mom said I could have a couple cans. Score.

So after dinner, my folks dropped my wife and I at our house, then I hopped in my car and went to my folks’ house to get the sweetened condensed coconut milk, and lo and behold, one side of the garage was open, with both damn XC60s gleaming in the night.


So I took a fucking picture of them together. Finally.

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