Dualliner, was $400 shipped. Ordered it Monday and it came today from Wisconsin. Made in USA. Installation was pretty straightforward... clean the bed + dry it, remove factory tie downs + accessories. Install the loadguard, then snap in the sides. Roll down the anti-slid rubber mat and tuck them into the slots on the side panels. Then install the tailgate cover, which involved removing 8 factory screws and using the provided screws and washers to secure it into place. It also came with two sided tape for those who don’t want to screw around. I used it to secure the bottom of the tailgate cover. Fits quite snug and there are holes for the factory tie downs and BoxLink accessories. Pretty easy to install.


Didn’t want to get a spray on cause they don’t really protect against dents and this seems like a good product based on the reviews I read online. It’s an aluminum bed so I’m not worried about water getting stuck and rusting it out.

Let’s see how it holds up after a few months/years.

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