Stupid, cheap, octagonal, Chinese knock-off tires. I call them knock-offs because they’re not really tires in any way other resemblance and the fact that they do mount on wheels. They’re basically brand new, 10/32", and were on the car when I bought it. Road-force balanced them yesterday, 98 and 114 pounds of road force. For reference, the limit is generally around ~25-30 pounds before a vibration starts and most good tires are in the 10-20 pound range. I managed to get them down to 79 and 84.

The Bridgestone Potenzas on the rear were also very high, 29 and 48 pounds after playing with them for a while. But in their defense they’re older and are almost worn out.

But I’ve ordered some new Continental Extreme Contact DWS’s, which should arrive Monday. So I will finally be able to hit the corners and mash the throttle with some confidence!


While I was at it I also replaced the belt, idler pulley, and tensioner to fix the intermittent, but worsening, squeak/squeal. Also changed oil and dust filters and the the car in the air for the first time since buying her a month ago. And I must say I’m pleasantly surprised by how clean the whole car is. Absolutely nothing else mechanically worth fixing except for the engine mounts. Not even any rust, unless you count a few books on the exhaust which are basically just rust colored.

So, engine mounts, temp display in instrument cluster (already have the parts, cheap and easy), a couple fluids just for the sake of maintenance, then on to mods!