Buy a proper microphone for our podcast. After getting enough rather good feedback about our content, we had plenty of feedback about our bad audio. There’s no doubt, our audio wasn’t good. We were simply recording off of the built in iPhone microphone in Nathan’s living room, so it was time to end that madness if we want to make this thing legit. And we definitely do.


Don’t mind the clutter on the table, it’s a catch all throughout the week. This just showed up and my kiddo and I test drove it; the audio is stellar.

So now we have a legit wireless mic for doing YouTube and a condenser microphone for podcasting. Here’s to taking our quality to the next level.

Anyone else here podcast? What equipment do you use? And if you podcast definitely drop a link so we can listen!

We’re Powershift Media and we’re on iTunes and anywhere else you listen. Plenty of you have listened and shared in the past so we definitely appreciate that very much. I’d love to know how you go about doing your show if you’re indeed doing one. 

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