After delaying it for a few weeks due to the incredibly slow rate of pothole repair in pretty much the entirety of the state of Connecticut, I moved back over from 17” steelies shod in Bridgestone Blizzak “we’ll give you unstoppable winter weather traction in exchange for making your car boring” WS80s to my “I paid 500 bucks for some paint on the wheels and brake calipers” Rado Gray 18”s wrapped in Goodyear “sticks to the road like madness sticks to your mind after reading from the Necronomicon” Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2s. I only had these on for about a month before I had to move over to the winter combo, and I had forgotten how oh my god awesome the ST is. The front-end bite is back, and with it comes the tail-happy gonzo cornering, and the car is able to put all that power down so it can actually accelerate without enough wheelspin to generate a gravity well.

My car is no longer just a Focus with really nice seats, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s amazing the difference a few square feet of rubber can make.