Bought a wider set of RPF1s in preparation for the increased power I’ll be putting down. Decision was purely driven by function, but I was not expecting them to be so much better looking! In the picture below, the wheel in front is a 17x7.5 +48 and is what I was running previously on all four corners and the one in back is a 17x9 +35 is what I will be running now. The flatter slopes and face improve the look 100%. Just have to get some tires better than the ExtremeContact DWs and I’ll be good to go.

Of course, I couldn’t resist the chance to test fit them. With the wheel sitting almost 1 1/4" further out than the last set everything looks much better also.


Vs the old setup.

Good photo of the old setup, so it’ll be like this, only with less suck.