Very happy to say that I finally un-fucked the not-an-M3 on the CarX drift game I spend too much time playing. Before it was snappy and just did burnouts. Now it is smooth and fun.

The car is still super heavy and seemingly not super grunty, but it’s fun and I can actually get it to hold drifts.

All I had to do was set the ackerman right on the steering, which is something I never really even heard about until I started listening to nerdy drift people. The car had been at 23% and I put it at 93%.


I remember Chelsea DeNofa saying he put the ackerman on his BMW E36 street car at 7%. I tried that and it was undriveable, so I set it at 7% off from 100% rather than 7% off of 0% and it handled like a dream.

I look forward to un-fucking the other cars I keep around in the game. What joy!