i8 for your time! Because I can’t be bothered to take a pic of my 10 year old gray DD

Got the takata airbag recall finally done now that my local dealer has the parts, after about 2 years of waiting. That was a huge weight off my shoulders.

But then came the inspection remarks. Considering its a 10 year old car with 150k+, I think it did pretty good

The mechanic noticed the rear brakes are in need of replacement. They wanted $800 to do it! I almost coughed up a lung. Ordered everything online I need to do it myself for $250.


They also noticed I have an upper control arm bushing torn. They wanted $650 to replace it, a freaking bushing! I may take it to an independent mechanic for that though. I am a bit leery of taking apart my suspension.

Anyone out there with experience taking apart audi suspensions and/or know a good independent import mechanic in socal?