It’s Legit now! Had a small hiccup Thursday registering my 1990 Euro spec 323 diesel Thursday. They didn’t have a weight in the system to match my VIN. So I had to either weigh it at a certified scale, or bring in a picture of the mass plate on the firewall. Put it on the road and it’s been a joy to drive since.

The car is not fast by any means, but it’s surprisingly zippy for 50 hp. If I hammer on it there is some over-fueling. I’d like to fix that eventually. 350 miles so far and averaging 40 mpg. I was hoping for more, but I’ve also been using every bit of that 50 hp every time I drive it.

I did have to replace the alternator on it, and like everything else, I had to make something work. Used a Mazda XA diesel industrial 70 amp alternator with the vacuum pump. Overall a pleasant swap, and saved me $500 over paying for the direct swap 50 amp one from Italy.

Using it after work today to grab the donor roof for my Miata Kammback/Hatchback project.

Any opponauts out there have a blue Mazda BG dash in good shape?