Finally got the FoST tinted last week. Hopefully no more sweltering hot seats this summer. 3M CR40 (“Crystalline”, 40% VLT). Still curing, having spent the last 5 days in the garage, so I’m still afraid to roll down the windows. This stuff clearly reduces heat that makes it through the windows by quite a bit - the AC was barely working to keep it 67°F in here on the way home, even in the mid-80s.

A couple years ago, when about 4-5 months old:

So clear. I feel like I can see right through her. Also so clean after a road trip that it’s kind of crazy.

Here’s what she looks like now, on a Ferry, next to a stupid tourist:

So filthy, but hopefully now the seats won’t become approximately 3°F cooler than the surface of the sun when parked outside anymore.


The stupid tourist in a rental Malibu (does anyone actually own one of these things?) was waiting in the ferry queue in the pole position, then cut me off on the ramp to go into the right lane, so I ended up in the pole position. Haven’t been here in the longest time. I often get the 2nd place spot where he’s sitting when I miss the earlier ferry, but I almost never find this lane empty, so I rarely end up here.

I do have slightly mixed feelings about the color of this tint. It’s a warm, slightly bronze, color. My car windows are a cool slightly blue color. The contrast between the two will take a bit to get used to, but it will be worth how much cooler it keeps these black leather seats. It was between this and the Huper Drei, but the 3M won because they had more/better-rated installers.


The other guys in the local Focus ST/RS group all seem to put 20% VLT dyed or carbon tint on (because cheap and all they care about is that ghetto look), which doesn’t even match the performance of my tint at 5% VLT. As a result, they were mystified by my using expensive tint, going so light, and paying so much for a tint job. Unlike them, however, I’m in it for the long haul with my car and want it to last (and do what I need it to do).

Now to find a place to give it a good detailing.