Finally got the Mark ii running.

Got the clutch replaced over the weekend and finally had the chance to take it out for a drive. Haven’t really had the ability to rip on it yet (trying to get at least 100 miles on the clutch before hitting it hard) but it’s got a surprising amount of torque down low. Turbos audibly spool around 2500 rpm then feel like a flat torque curve from there. Clutch was a little fiddly to get it, the order of operations on the r154 is a little different than I was used to (pull type pressure plate, so you bolt the pp to the flywheel after installing the transmission. Went with an OEM supra turbo disk, an action clutch 2800lb flywheel, and a 11lb aluminum flywheel.


Do far, driving it around, the comparisons I see to e34 m5s are accurate. It’s comfortable, capable, and surprisingly quick. It’s also the most low key Japanese sports car that ever got produced. It’s totally invisible on the road.

Of course all that aside, the best feature...

It has an AC vent pointed right at “critical” areas. Not even maybach has that!

Im going to commute with it for the next week or so, which should get me enough miles to be ripping on it by the Portland oppo meet. 

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