Finally Got the Suburban Home

After getting tires, a belt, (possibly not needed) coolant flush, battery, and (verrrrryyyy much needed) oil change, we made it home. Today was much less eventful than yesterday, though there still were some issues. The biggest issue right now is an electrical issue in the trans that causes hard(firm and solid, not slipping) shifts when up to operating temperature. When it’s cold it shifts fine. Other than that, we averaged a massive 8.7 mpg, which is better than Jake’s XJS.


Other than the faded lights, the exterior is in near perfect condition. The interior is in similarly good condition, except for the driver’s seat. Apparently one of the previous owners was a solid 400-500lbs, because the seat is crushed and the arm rest is broken off to the side from the inside(it took part of the seat with it),

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