Kinda ended up being a "don't meet your heroes" type thing. Maybe it just needed an alignment or something, but the steering was really pretty vauge...power steering felt something like what you get in a camry except somehow less linear in buildup of resistance. I guess I always figured they had more steering feel than that. I drive an old Outback with a considerably heftier helm

Regardless, engine is glorious when you get the revs up there, sounds great, but (being a Honda) is not big on low end torque. For what it's worth I'm also not a huge fan of the automatics in these.

Also came with typical Honda road noise and rode like a dump truck, which I actually found pretty enjoyable in my own way. Didn't get to explore any curves, so I'm just gonna believe the internet that Integras are fun on back roads.

but not what I was expecting, I must say...