Finally installed a tune on the SHO

aaaand WOW! It sure does go now! I’ve got an 89 octane efficiency as well as performance tune loaded. Naturally I’m currently running the performance tune. Reportedly (based on dyno’s) it adds at least 40 horsepower and at least that much in torque (stock is 365/350 at crank). I believe people have also reported a sub 5s 0-60.

It also firms up the shifts and holds the torque all the way up to a shift, whereas stock tapers it off. During normal driving the car behaves largely the same, but if I step on it even little bit it pulls a lot stronger and at 80-90% throttle it’s a damn rocket-barge (this is still a large vehicle after all).


I haven’t full-throttle on it yet, I want to do another fill-up to make sure I’m solidly at 89 octane rating. I also had to replace the spark plugs to make sure I was gapped at .030 and boy were they needed, regardless, check out the picture below. It was fun to actually wrench on my car a little, don’t get to do that often, the spark plug job wasn’t bad at all, apart from the awkward leaning over the engine bay to get at the rear ones.

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I still have downpipes to install which should be good for quite a bit more power, beyond that I’m mulling over meth-injection.

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