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Finally installed Project CARS...

...and did appallingly bad driving a P1 around Dubai and a few other courses.

The game doesn’t take kindly to keyboard input as it treats the button-presses as full-force inputs, so it thinks I want to do full-throttle or full-braking all the time. I started doing repeat-staccato presses to stop from spinning in uncontrolled circles (and burning through all my gas). I have some controllers somewhere, and I looked through a lot of my unused electronics, but haven’t found them yet. It seems best played with a wheel and pedals, though, which is a bit more than I want to get into right now.


I know I’m late to the game (literally), as I don’t play computer/video games as much as I used to - the joys of married life and home ownership. I’ve actually owned the game for a long time thanks to an old Humble Bundle. I didn’t play/download it because I could just never get Steam to cooperate and download stuff correctly, even on a desktop with a wired internet connection and sleep disabled. Or I’d lose interest and play something offline or that I already had installed off a disc.

I will say the attention to detail is excellent, especially coming from many recent Need For Speed titles where you don’t even get an in-cabin view. Of course, being almost 20GB (!!! I have not-that-old hard drives that could barely fit that!) it should be.


Any suggestions for courses, cars, tips, tricks, or secrets?

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