Finally joined the manual owners club.

I work at a Honda dealership and they had a Civic Hatch LX with a manual they desperately wanted to get rid of. After my old car was rear ended, I started to question whether it was time to get rid of it because it has brought me bad luck this year. So I checked out how much I’d pay for, interest and whatever and poof! It’s mine now. Better yet this car is in my name, not my mothers. Right now I have zero regrets. I just wish I could’ve gotten it in Aegean Blue instead of Polished Steel but I got the car for relatively cheap so yeah... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This thing is quick, like almost hot hatch quick and I’m quite impressed with its performance. The clutch, shifter and engine are just so sweet. It even rides so much better than the Hyundai, probably because this car has an independent rear suspension. No plans on mods as of now. Thankfully my winter steelies from the Hyundai fit the Civic so I can use those as well. Can’t wait for this new chapter in my automotive life.


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