[Nightime update] Finally made an ad

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[Update at the bottom]

My A4 Avant is finally up for sale. I can’t understate how much I’ve been dragging my feet! I haven’t had much need for it since my last Tahoe trip in March. Since then, I’ve had to register it until next year, fix a seeping vacuum pump, and have the clutch and flywheel replaced. Needless to say, this girl deserves a better home.


Today I had her washed, snapped some quick pics, and threw a couple of ads up.

The first ad is on 3-pedal.com, a site which had advertised to me and I figured why not? You can find it here:


The second ad is on Craigslist, which you can check out here:


Tell your kids, your wife, your teachers, and your friends!

My main goal is to not be stressed about this process. Oppo feedback is welcome! Also hope I’m not breaking any rules by sharing the actual ad? NPoCP?


I tried looking for comps quickly and found this:


Based on that, I think I should be ok? Not looking for a quick sale, but I would like to sell it. Fingers crossed!

[First night update]

I’ve already received a surprising amount of interest in it! It’s not overwhelming, though, so I’m feeling very good about the price. I already showed it to one guy, and I have another two lined up for tomorrow.


The gentleman who came to see it ended up being a total jalop. He’s selling his 200-series Land Cruiser (I think? Is that a thing? Idk Land Cruisers), which he showed up in. He’s looking to downsize from that, and probably end up with like $12k in his pocket on top (sorry Zoidberg, it looked to be out of your budget). Also has a 70's Benz he’s been working on and a CLK he bought from his dad.

The Avant would be the family’s (two little kids) Tahoe rig moving forward. He was very nice and not scary, and I think he really liked the car. Things are honestly moving along way more quickly than I expected. Apparently, he buys and sells cars all the time, so he already had a whole procedure in place. I let him go on a drive and he seemed to enjoy. I didn’t even de-clutter the interior or bring the service documentation along, so I was definitely not prepared to deal that fast. He offered to pay me on Venmo! (Which I will not be accepting lol)


Anyway, that brings me to: we’re supposed to touch base again tomorrow morning. What if he wants to buy it tomorrow? How does one sell a car on a Sunday? My idea would be to meet the buyer at my bank and have them put the money straight in my account, after which I sign over the title. However, all banks are closed on Sundays. Even if he handed me a wad of cash, how do I know it’s not all fake? Any ideas? Guess I could just tell him we have to do the sale Monday? Is my bank idea any good even when the bank is open?

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