After 3 days and ~1,900 Miles, I finally made it to Boulder, where I start my new job tomorrow.

Drove through Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Back to West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, then reached the motherland.

The drive was stupidly boring. Literally didn’t see anything interesting, aside from a test-mule covered Cadillac CT6 in West Virginia, a house fire in St. Louis, and a dead armadillo in Kansas.

The Day I Left:

After Driving Across Kansas:


After Driving My Dad to the Airport:

Of course, nothing happens over the nearly 2,000 miles drive, but instead on the way to the airport, where I nailed a pothole, big enough to turn my windshield wipers on upon impact. That’ll be $200...


Moreover, my sunroof seal seems to have given out after 8 years. While there isn’t any water getting in, it’s loud. Not like you can hear some wind outside loud, but I can’t here the person talking in the passenger seat loud. The entire drive had to be sunroof-less, as it was taped up with packing tape at the seals.

On a side-note, Boulder and much of Colorado in general has better cars than what I see in Connecticut and Maryland. Aside from way too many Subaru’s, everyone here likes manual wagons. A ton of Audi Avant’s of all styles, Volvo R’s, and Jetta TDi’s everywhere.

Any Boulder Opponauts? Moving to a new city alone is terrifying.