So this has been long overdue. My 79 International Scout II Traveler (that’s a mouthful) has finally been getting some attention paid to her. I’ve had her a couple months now and just hadn’t been able to devote any time with work and a few other home projects.

This was what she looked like when I brought her home.

I have since found an excellent source for parts. Parts can be a serious problem on a vehicle created by a company that hasn’t made passenger vehicles for 35 years. There is actually a guy in the St Louis area that operates an International Harvester parts warehouse. His family used to operate a dealer until IH shutdown, he goes around and buys up new old stock and used parts from IH dealers across the country and has quite a collection. I was able to get a used inner drivers fender in decent shape, which alone could have sidelined this project. That part is unavailable new, and nearly impossible to find used!

So if anyone needs IH parts, he has a selection unlike I’ve seen elsewhere and was very helpful. Roedel Brothers is the name of the place.

Well anyway, back on track. I got the fender cleaned up and installed. I also got most of the engine bay wiring hooked back up. I even got the new radiator installed last weekend, transmission cooler and everything plumbed up!


Barring any other major issues, I think I have enough time this weekend to replace the Carb, button up a couple other items and try to start her! Wish me luck...