After a bit over 3 years in Japan, I’m finally moving out to a bigger place... For all this time I rented from my in-laws... it was nice and all, but with my wife’s parents living literally under us, well, it wasn’t exactly a “normal” life. But starting April 1st, all this is over and we move to Hyogo prefecture in a NORMAL HOUSE! Yes, I know, it might seem like a “so what?” kind of thing for anyone outside of Japan, but here, having a normal 2-story house with 2 parking spots and a little garden big enough to do BBQ in it, all that while living 25 minutes drive away from the center of Osaka, that’s HUGE :D

I’m super exited to move there! The Delta Integrale should be somewhat ready sometime soon (I’ll go work on it next weekend), which means I’ll sadly sell the RX-7 sometime soon too... On the other hand, the extra parking spot means that I’ll be getting another car!! And for now I have NO idea what to get! It will most likely be more civilized than the RX-7... Maybe a Vivio RX-R?? Or something bigger like a GT-R that I can sell for profits easily later on? It will depend on the funds :)

Anyway, here is the place! So if you come visit, let me know, I’ll be in Osaka area from now on :)