I have quite a large record collection, all inherited/passed down to me. I have my dad’s records, as well as his best friend’s records, and I have my uncle’s records. What I haven’t had in over a decade, is a working turntable. I think in 2015 ... Give or take a year, I asked my wife for one that could also send the music to a computer to captured digitally. I asked for a Denon, but my wife did see research, and found it to be poorly reviewed, so she got me this Audio-Technica unit.

Well, when I went to hook it up, something was wrong with my big stereo, and I wasn’t getting any sound out of it, on any input. Frustrated, I left it be, and then life happened. Next thing I know, it’s been sitting for years. Saturday night, I finally cleared all the junk in front of the stereo. I decided to unhook everything and redo it all. Works like a charm now.


Ots nice to have tunes in the basement again. I’ve been digging through the record collection. Lots of good stuff. A LOT of blues, but I love the blues.

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