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Finally picked my Gemini up from the port!

A while back Flavien talked me into purchasing something practical for everyday use. I agreed that I needed something with 4-doors that we could stack stuff into, but it was contingent on me selling my RX-7 first. Well, that sold, I sent Flavien some money, and he sent me this shiny red Isuzu Gemini Irmscher R.


We got them in the US as the Stylus, but we didn’t get the 180 HP, rear-biased AWD drivetrain. (We got a slightly detuned version of that drivetrain in the Impulse RS though.) It landed at the port, but I was actually up in Breckenridge on business, so I wasn’t able to go get it until last Tuesday.

In what was an exhausting 12 hours of driving, I shot down to Freeport, strapped the car down and came right back. The car fired right up with a jump and I blasted it down the driveway and back, and man this thing boogies.


It does need to come apart though, as we believe it has a bad headgasket. Hopefully that’s all and it’s not something more sinister like a cracked head (like my 117 Coupe). Unfortuantely, I have so much work piled up on my desk right now, it’ll take me a bit of time to get stuck into it. In the meantime, it’ll be up in the hangar keeping the other 4 cars up there company!

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