It has been a good car but the time has come. If anyone on Oppo is interested let me know, I’d probably give a discount to a good home.


Up for sale is my 1986 Honda Civic Wagon 4WD

Short story: You are looking at a 1986 4WD Civic Wagon with a mountain of recent work completed that needs nothing and comes with a heap of parts. Exterior coating is plastidip and presents well from a few feet away. Everything works, including the AC and 4WD.

Long story: This 1986 Honda Civic comes with a 1.5L inline 4 cylinder engine, 5 speed manual transmission with “super-low” crawler gear as a 6th gear available in 4WD only. It also comes with working factory AC! This car spent most of its life in California and Texas and is 100% rust free.

Unlike later versions of the 4WD wagon, this wagon uses a vacuum based pushbutton selectable four-wheel drive system. This means you get to choose when and how to use the 4WD. It also mean you don’t have any viscous couplings to worry about. This vehicle has recently received an extensive list of new parts and service and runs like a top.

I bought the car as a non-runner from a previous owner who had started swapping the factory feedback carburetor for a Weber but lost interest. I completed the Weber swap and spent a lot of time trying to sort out a fuel starvation issue. The net effect is the Civic has a ton of new parts and runs and dives extremely well.

Recent work includes new fuel lines, filters, and pump. The fuel tank was removed and professionally cleaned. The carburetor and ignition timing were recently set by a professional Honda shop. It also had new wheels, tires, distributor, ignition module, plugs, wires, coil, cap, rotor, valve cover gasket, and a recent oil change. Valves were adjusted recently as well. All coolant hoses and the thermostat were replaced as standard preventative maintenance, the coolant switched to high performance G05, and the coolant expansion tank was relocated for better visibility. (The original remains in place if you’d like to use that instead)The timing belt appears to have been replaced by the previous owner and shows no cracking or signs of wear. The accessory belts, however, could use to be replaced and will be included with the sale. All rubber brake lines were just replaced too. The Civic has new exhaust from the cat back.

Inside the car is basically perfect. The dash is in great condition, all the gauges work, and the AC and heat both work great. Seats and headliner are in excellent condition. The Civic is fitted with custom cut rubber floor mats from Lloyd Mats. The carpet is a little threadbare and poorly fitted. It appears the PO removed it but didn’t do a great job putting it back on. The factory jack and tools are in place and work. The interior does smell a little like gear oil as I spilled some when I was changing the transmission and rear diff fluid.

As you may have noticed the exterior isn’t exactly in a factory color. The finish is plastidip, a removable plasitic coating. The body is the only real let down on this vehicle. It has a lot of small hail dents and a few bumps besides. The factory paint was also not in great condition. The plastidip presents well from a few feet away, but has some issues. I like it, so I kept it, but it shouldn’t be hard to remove if you want to go that route.

The vehicle comes with several boxes of parts, including the original wheels and tires, original feedback carburetor and related systems, and some general spares.

If you’re looking for a well sorted, awesome little car look no further. I’d prefer to sell to an enthusiast who wants to take good care of it. Open to trades that are not watercraft.

$3500 OBO located in Tulsa, OK

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