Cleans up pretty well for a black, 8-year-old car. There are some scratches and scuffs that need to be cleaned up.

So does this mean my Bimmer is a Humvee?

Finally took the dealership sticker off. With that, all the dealership advertising is officially off the car.


Not fully Svended. I had planned to do a full detail, but I could see the pollen accumulating as I dried it. Why did I not pull it into the two-car garage in the background and finish there?


For the typical reason: the garage is being used as a workshop, so there is not space for vehicles. Working on installing butcher block countertops. They’ve been cut and sanded and are in the process of being sealed now.

One coat of stain (8 hours to dry), three coats of sealant (24 hours to dry each), and one coat of finish (another 24 hours to dry). Per side. Stain went on Friday morning, last coat of finish won’t go on until next Saturday. Supposed to have people over next Friday...


Renovations never go according to plan.