Saw one just as pictured, a 67' GT500 red with white stripes. I was travelling south on highway 101 in California for a college seeing trip. I have just fallen more in love. Not to mention everything else I saw including

-dozens of Porsche's(924's, 928's, 911's, Boxster's, Cayman's)

-dozens of Tesla model S's

-couple Mustang GT's

-Corvette's (C6 z06, C4, C3, C7)

-Lotus Espirit

-Shelby Gt500's, and Super Snake's

-Miata's galore

-Ferrari 575, 430 Spyder

-Mazda 3 wagon

-Subaru wagons

This is my second time in California, and I always wonder why I don't live her...


Then I saw the $4.99/Gallon fuel price... I like Texas's $3.12

If not for that California is perfect.. just wow.

Highway 1 is so much scarier in person(Specially in a big heavy pathfinder with your mother screaming at every turn)

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