Finally scored a deal on a new work truck

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I know it’s completely different than the normal Oppo vehicles. Matter of fact, it could haul about 90% of the vehicles owned by Opponauts. If you’ve got a dually, probably not, but maybe.

It’s a 2007 Sterling LC 9 car, with a 07 Cottrell trailer. I owe 12,700 on it. That’s including all auction fees. I head up tomorrow to Morris, IL to pay for her and bring her home.
I went up a couple weeks back to look at the 3 they had in person, and of them all this was the one I was interested in.
I spoke with the shop manager at the company that used to run it, and was told over the phone some of its more major services. He wasn’t allowed to email it, but could do over the phone. It got an engine rebuild at 570k, and it’s basically at 630k now. I knew this going into the auction, and it’s what drove me to this specific one over the other 2 that were there also.

It’s got a Mercedes motor. Which was some of the reason I was sheepish about it. All I’ve ever heard with these specific engines, is electrical or major malfunction. But for basically 13k if I get a year or 2 out of it, it’s paid for itself.

I’m replacing my not so worn out Ram 5500 and 5 car trailer. I’ve got everything I need to hopefully bring it home tomorrow. Cash in hand, insurance on it, it’ll get Illinois temp tags so I can drive it back.

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The old workhorse. Sure doesn’t look anything like that anymore. Back of the cab is damaged from an F250's bumper. I loaded an F250 to close to the edge and went to load another. It fell off and smashed the cab.
I did a ghetto fix and threw in a plexi back window. It’s just a work truck, and they aint worth shit when they get mileage on them. So I fixed it, and insurance still think she looks like this. LOL.

I was worried they’d total the truck, I’d be without it and not be able to work. So I did what I needed to keep working and nearly 2 years later, no leaks, no problems. Other than it kinda looking crappy on the back top of the cab.

I know this isn’t normal Oppo fair, but I’m an Opponaut and I transport cars for a living. To maybe even one of you.
Especially if you’ve bought a car in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky at a dealer I transport for. It might have been on my old Ram truck or if it was cool, like 392 Charger or something similar I took it down the test track just to feel what it had in it.

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