To begin the cataloging process.

That’s five out of the 20 or so that are still in my deceased father in law’s basement, PLUS the cabinet full that I started boxing up as well. We got a LONG way to go, and thankfully a long time to get there.


Also grabbed most of the die casts he had. Nothing high value or interesting (although I do like the American Graffiti ‘58 Impala’s details), but I do find it funny he had every iteration of a ‘57 Chevy except the sedan. Not that anyone would make a diecast of the sedan anyways.

Also found this, which might come in handy after un-earthing my wife’s old NES system:


Not sure why one would need it, when BLOWING in the thing seemed to solve 99.9% of all issues back in the day anyways.

I’m gonna have one HELL of a rummage sale in the spring....

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