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Finally Starting To Feel Like It’s Really Mine

Helmet spoiler +5 hp

Adjusted the brake, shifter, and seatpost levers on my latest 0 HP vehicle this morning from where the PO had them to my preference. Went out for a couple hours after a stray storm had passed this afternoon and got her a little muddy for the first time. Felt really really good at speed. Had a few hang ups where I had to put a foot down but I blame my lack of skill rather than the bike. For the first time that I can remember I feel like I’m limited by what I can do rather than what the bike can. I still can’t believe that I bought this thing on a total whim from a hippie on Craigslist in Santa Fe. It does still have a few little concerns - primarily that the brakes probably need bled because they have more dead travel than I’d like - but for $2750 this thing is feeling like a heck of a deal.


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