This guy, a brand new 86.

It’s a car (cars?) that been on my mind since 2013. I’m glad I finally drove it, because I won’t think about it from now on. I don’t get it. Cockpit is awesome, size is awesome, but I’m now in the ‘’should have more power’’ side...


I found myself pushing the pedal to the floor really early, and wondering ‘’that’s it?’’ I don’t drive at 5k RPM daily, and I guess it’s just not for me.

And I realized I really don’t like the feel and sound of n/a Subaru engines. I’m a fan of low RPM torque, smooth sounding turbo engines.

I mean, the handling is perfect, RWD is nice, but in daily driving it doesn’t add up for me.

Wasn’t impressed like I was in these two turbo hatchbacks that I drove recently, the Civic Sport and Elantra Sport. These have so much more in a complete package, for less money.