While walking back from the Portland women’s march on Saturday, we were freezing cold and wet. With about 1.5 miles left to go, I spotted a 328xi with a ReachNow sticker and remembered that I had signed up for that about a year ago without ever using it. 10 minutes later, I was driving my peeps home in a brand new BMW.

What did it cost me? $6.34!

Also, since this is Oppo, how about some comments on the 328xi? Ok, sure. Ignoring its enthusiast chops, it was perfect. Amazing 8-speed auto, smooth and powerful (enough) 4-cyl turbo, great interior, the best in-dash screen of any automaker besides Tesla, roomy (enough), and very nice looking. As a car enthusiast and owner of an E-xx era BMW, I could have used a bit more excitement, but I’d really have to reach to find any complaints. Unless you’re a hydraulic steering, straight six, manual, RWD purist (and I kind of am), the actual experience of driving the thing was fantastic. Knowing that a new one costs over $50,000 tempers that a little when a Mazda6 is 85% as nice for half 50% of the cost.