So it’s time for a new illustration! Behold the lifted Blobata. (This is the rough-in stage, it’ll clean up from here.) As for my new graphics tablet:

Wow. My 6P usually takes better low-light pictures than this.

It’s a Huion Inspiroy H950P. A Chinese Wacom competitor that comes in at $80 as compared to the equivalent Wacom Intuos Pro M at $350. Same basic size (~8.5" x 5.5" active area), same levels of pressure sensitivity (8192), same number of “ExpressKeys” (8), same battery-free pen with replaceable nib. The configuration utility even has a similar interface.

What don’t you get for $270 less? Bluetooth, pen tilt, or multi-touch.

Multi-touch I do miss. I used multi-touch Intuos tablets at college and I love having what amounts to a giant trackpad. More convenient than a mouse.


Bluetooth I could take or leave. It would be cool for working with my laptop, but my desktop (main workstation) doesn’t have it, so realistically it wouldn’t get used.

Pen tilt I never found much use for it. Maybe with newer versions of Photoshop or actual painting software it would be useful, but I don’t use those, so I don’t miss it.

Huion did do one thing wrong and it really bugs me though:


I think this SNL skit sums up my feelings on this nicely: