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Finally washed my daily

I hadn’t washed the crown vic since... I forget. It was either an oddly nice weekend in early February or November. I think November.

This is the least-rusty angle of the car. Only one hole visible!
This is the least-rusty angle of the car. Only one hole visible!

For being literally falling apart from rust, it cleans up pretty well, at least from a couple feet away. I polished it about a year and a half ago (working around the rust holes) which helps quite a bit. It’s certainly due for some wax... maybe tomorrow if I have time after work.

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How badly did it need washed?

That’s not a reflection, that’s the hood when I washed one side and rinsed it off. The roof and decklid was just as bad, the lips inside the wheel openings and the fenders right behind the wheels were genuinely black and chunky.

And yes, it says “Not a cop” in mirrored letters written in the dirt above the grille. I did that a while ago to try to get people to STOP SLOWING DOWN IN FRONT OF ME DAMNIT but it didn’t help. After 3+ years with this car it’s still bothersome. There aren’t even any of these still in service around here!

Aren’t beaters fun? Now if I could only find time to wash/polish/wax the Chevelle between rounds of taking it apart and putting it back together again.

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