Mind = blown.


I only live about 30 minutes from there, but typically when I ride, I just have an hour or two, so I go locally - like, VERY locally. I am lucky that I can ride up mountains right from my house, or just a few minutes away even. I know 30 minutes isn’t far, really, but in 40 minutes on my bike, I can be on top of the mountain behind my house; back to the house in around 1hr TOTAL, which is just the drive time to Highland.


Wednesday nights they stay open late but only for ride-yourself-up access, for $10. So we made four climbs before quitting, and it was absolutely amazing. THEN, there’s a lodge at the bottom with good food and excellent beer. Nothing like a bacon cheeseburger with fries and a pitcher of Boom Sauce to wash it all down, after hucking myself and my suddenly-inadequate-feeling trail bike down some of these runs.

No, I didn’t do any of the huge jumps or 10'+ drops, but I got plenty of air. Their trails are SO well made, but they’re not all manicured, either - there’s plenty of more natural terrain to be had, as well. It’s about 500' vertical, which is fine. It’s just steep enough, and yet the ‘up’ trail (they designate one easy trail for up when they’re doing that) was a nice easy switchback, I never breathed super hard and we could have conversations on the way up, even on the 4th lap.


I can’t wait to go back. How did I go this long without going? Oh right, I have two small kids and a full-time job. But man, I was missing out. If you’re a mountain biker in New England or just beyond, it’s worth the trip.