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Finally went to Motorclassica

After pip suggesting it maybe two years running. Loved it. I get a real kick out of just ogling this stuff.

Here’s my best of

Ps. Kinja failed like every third upload so they’re pretty scattered.

Pps. the amount of people running their hands over cars and leaning on cars who should’ve known better was despicable.

I sat in this. I like it. I feel they’ve really tried to make a Lamborghini SUV, rather than an SUV with Lamborghini badges
That hood ornament! V16 Caddy. Wow.
I also sat in this. Never thought they’d come to Aus, never thought I’d see one.
It’s too expensive and I wouldn’t buy without a convertible and a manual. But I hope it sells. The door card there felt cheap.
There TWO of these in these photos. Jaguar only built one and it was destroyed. TWO!
Imagine that open roof, V12 screaming behind your ear. Of all the cars here, I’d take this.
So damn cool. I’m not one for prewar cars, or American cars, or prewar American cars. But these are so innovative and with such clean unique styling
The French really had it going for a while. This was stunning
The other Delage behind it had like a crane hood ornament or something. Such class
Some manner of Quattroporte Coupe
Might be the only new GT in Australia? Great to see
Far too busy for me. Sacrificing too much in the name of tenths. Tenths that mean less than nothing for a road car. Cool, would never want one
Actual Landau!
Haven’t seen a Twizy since Europe last year!
Ugh. Vanquish. Not sure if you can see the seats - they dope
SO distinctive
I think this was a Delage
Thanks Murica
I really like the 612. It’s like the 550 but more restrained, more curved, more avant garde I feel. Very much a product of the curvy 00's but I think it does it well. It’s interesting yet inoffensive.
Too cool
Legit, I had to stand well back near some other cars to fit this in shot

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