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My first credit card just arrived. What’s the best way to build credit quickly? Things I should know? I’ve dealt in cash for all of my professional life so this is completely new to me. Any help appreciated!

Details-it’s a Capitol One platinum card with a $300 credit limit. I basically just Googled “best credit cards for people with no credit” and this seemed like a well-received one.


Situations have arisen where I would have been better off making minimum wage and with a high credit rating than my decent “small business owner” wage and no credit. Kind of annoying, but I realize it’s not a battle I can win. I’ve got a friend who has been using multiple credit cards since she was 15. She’s working part-time while in school but she gets TONS of bonuses/rewards/perks every month like free flights, hotels, dinners at nice restaurants, etc. That sounds nice.

Beetle with a homemade waterproof shelter for your time. I spotted this while working for a customer and yes, it gets driven with the canopy thing on. Seattle is odd.

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