Downing ran the Kudzu series of cars with Mazda rotary power in 2-3 and 4 rotor configurations. With and without boost. Here is the story. With the nature of a rotary, the exhaust got incredibly hot from long periods of wide open throttle around Daytona. But the real story is, the resulting flame thrower it became. NOT from off-throttle over-run during braking, but this was a foot or two of flame from the car ON the gas, on power, screaming around the high banks. Here’s a video of one of his beasts ripping the guts out of anyone’s eardrums.

I’ve searched high and low and found not a single picture of this car from the exhaust side at night and on the power. Can anyone here find such a picture that would either prove or disprove the story? I’ve heard it a few times so there’s got to be some truth. Thank you oppo.