I’ve got a job so now I have an excuse to get a car. My budget is $3k all in: tax title, fees, repairs, everything.

My requirements for a car, most important stared, are:


Brisk (0-60 under 9 seconds) with some exceptions (diesel Benz, to name one)


Practical (wagon or hatch preferred)


Safe(relatively speaking. Anything older that ‘07 would fail modern safety tests)

*Interesting (so nothing beige unless it’s under $1.75k and reliable)

Automatic (required)

Local (I’m not gonna drive 2+ hours round trip to get a car, required)

Also, I have no wrenching abilities whatsoever, so there’s that too.

So here’s my shortlist:


Doesn’t seem to be a scam but still looks to be a little too cheap.


Has Duratec, so it’s got that going for it. And it’s bargain basement priced.


See above. Maybe I should get both: one as my DD’er and another for parts (or racecar).


Almost perfect. Just need them to come down on the price by at least $550 (assuming no repairs necessary).


Cheap. Reliable. Wagon. Boring. Clean. Ex-fleet. Doesn’t look rusted to crap.


If it was $2k and mechanically good, I’d be on my way right now. The 3800 V6 is reliable but the rest of the car is a little rough. But 1980's in-car touchscreen though.

If you have any other listings to recommend or reasons why I should knock one of these off the list, PLEASE tell me!