I’ve got a job so now I have an excuse to get a car. My budget is $3k all in: tax title, fees, repairs, everything.

Zoidberg bait

My requirements for a car, most important stared, are:

Fun or comfy

Brisk (0-60 under 9 seconds) with some exceptions (diesel Benz, to name one)


Practical (wagon or hatch preferred)

Safe(relatively speaking. Anything older that ‘07 would fail modern safety tests)

*Interesting (so nothing beige unless it’s under $2k and reliable)

Automatic (required)

Local (I’m not gonna drive 2+ hours round trip to get a car, required)

Also, I have no wrenching abilities whatsoever, so there’s that too.

So here’s my shortlist:


Doesn’t seem to be a scam but still looks to be a little too cheap.

Has Duratec, so it’s got that going for it. And it’s bargain basement priced.


See above. Maybe I should get both: one as my DD’er and another for parts (or racecar).

Almost perfect. Just need them to come down on the price by at least $550 (assuming no repairs necessary).


Cheap. Reliable. Wagon. Boring. Clean. Ex-fleet. Doesn’t look rusted to crap.


If it was $2k and mechanically good, I’d be on my way right now. The 3800 V6 is reliable but the rest of the car is a little rough. But 1980's in-car touchscreen though.

The newest car I can afford is the venerable CVPI. Almost 160k on the clock and no pictures of the interior are little concerning. Also no push bar, but it does have a spotlight!


Rebuilt mechanicals and clean looking from the only picture. But there’s only one picture.


Again, pretty new and again high mileage. And those riyumzzz...are awful. But it’s safe and decently fun (yes I know, doesn’t match the exterior but, TBH, I don’t care).

Probably the best of the bunch, but I doubt it’ll still be there by this weekend, the soonest time I’ll be able to go car shopping. But here’s to hoping.


Thanks to For Canada for finding this for me! This one is pretty great too, with low mileage and clean. It’s also the supercharged 3800, so it’s a pretty good sleeper too. I like me a fast couch. But it’s at the top of the budget, so I’d have to negotiate and hope nothing big breaks.

If you have any other listings to recommend or reasons why I should knock one of these off the list, PLEASE tell me!